Log Management
Made Simple

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Logs.ws is a cloud-based log management service. It mitigates the trouble and pain to maintain your application log files thus making your life much easier. With Logs.ws you can have a centralized place where you can save and view your application logs without any hassle. Our simple yet powerful API integrates into any client / server-side language seamlessly.

No Download, No Installation, Painless Integration

Easily search your logs

Simplify your log search with our advanced search and filter tools. Our intelligent search tool can help you find a needle from the haystack.

On the cloud

Stop worrying to move your log files next time you move to a new server. Your logs are stored on the cloud. Access your logs from anywhere in the world, anytime.

Get Notified

Be the first one to get notified when something wrong happens in your application. Trigger an email notification when a log gets added.