100% Cloud based log management service.

Logs.ws is a cloud-based log management service, allowing you to access your application logs without shouldering the costs of hardware and software.

Download logs in CSV / text format

Logs.ws offers you the provision to backup your logs to your storage device in both CSV and text format for offline viewing.

Powerful search tool to find the log your are looking for

The powerful search tool makes it easy for you to search for one particular log from the huge pile of logs. We call it finding a needle from a haystack.

APIs for developers

Logs.ws uses a simple, RESTful API to add logs to your database. It does all the heavy lifting to manage all large numbers of log files, which allows developers to focus on the application logic for a particular use case they are trying to solve.

Alerts and Notifications

Be the first one to get notified via email when an exception / error occurs in your application. You can opt-in for any or all the three types of alerts (Error / Warning / Information).